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When shipping to Australia or for that matter any overseas location, rates are a primary consideration for businesses as well as individuals. This is understandable, since overseas maritime routes run into thousands of nautical miles across international waters. Apart from the demanding distances, many other calculations are involved.

Keeping it Simple

In the US-Australia shipping industry, the final shipping cost is often different than the original quote – this usually happens when the initial quotes are intentionally lowered to lure the customer. We stay away from such practices. Giving a ballpark indication doesn’t really help. Businesses often work with compressed margins. An unwarranted hike in shipping charges can offset their margins. Our Shipping Price Request Form is largely accurate and doesn’t leave much room for last-minute/surprise charges. To avoid any rate related issues, we repeatedly confirm our shipment orders. We stand by our official quote that is communicated via an email. We immediately communicate any changes in the price quoted to our customers.

Informed Customers are Happier Customers

The idea is to keep the customers informed about any policy related or price changes. We don’t chase discounts. Instead, we help customers choose a cost effective shipment process. Sometimes, this involves variable discounts or markdowns due to seasonal business patterns. Either way, the savings are always passed on to the customers. Yes, we value repeat customers and offer them the best prices.

International shipping firms are often blamed for intentionally hiding charges. To diffuse such doubts, we provide clarity regarding various price components which total up to the final cost:

  • Sea Freight
  • Cartage
  • Internal transport in region of pick-up and delivery destination
  • Export Entry
  • Port Service Charge
  • Customs Fees/Duties
  • Chassis usage Charge
  • Customs Declaration fees
  • Maritime Security
  • Carrier Security Fee
  • Destination THC
  • Bill of Lading Fee
  • Shipping Line Document Fee
  • Packing/Unpacking fee
  • Origin THC

Shipping options that usually impact the final price include:

  • Roll-on / Roll-off
  • Flat-rack container
  • Container ship
  • Partial dismantling/dissembling for fitting into standard containers

Other factors include:

  • Cost of fuel
  • Time
  • Location

If you have any questions regarding how our rates are calculated, call us or email us.
You can also fill the online quote form or email us to have an approximate idea of the shipping fees.


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