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Boats Shipping from US to Australia

Shipping boats to overseas locations can be very difficult due to the size and shape of the boats and paperwork involved. Planning each stage of the US – Australia shipping process is necessary to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines. Our proven logistics ensure that moving a boat of any size and vehicle of any type is not a problem.

Benefit from Our International Boat Shipping Credentials

Whether it is about collecting the boat from the seller’s location in the United States, shipping it to Australia, or delivering it to the specific Australian location – we have the manpower and systems in place to address your export, relocation, or import related requirements. It can be a small cruiser boat or a luxury yacht – we can deliver boats of all types using the most suitable US – Australia shipping services, including:

  • Lift-on Lift-off / on Deck shipping
  • Containerized or Flat-rack shipping
  • Roll-on Roll-off boat shipping
  • Semi-submersible service for large yachts

We Handle All Types of Commercial & Personal Use Boats Shipped to Australia

  • We provide guidance for preparing your boat for US – Australia shipping. This includes measuring the length, width, and height of the boat along with pressure cleaning and building the boat cradles.
  • Often information about boat trailer, protruding parts, and engine configuration is also needed. We help our customers get this right since accurate information is needed for getting the required permits from the DOT – Australia’s Department of Transportation.
  • The size of the boat will be the deciding factor if your boat can be shipped inside the container, on the flat-rack or via roll-on roll-off service.

Creating Excellence in Shipping Boats from US to Australia

  • International boat shipments often run into trouble due to miscalculated size criteria. We ensure our customers are not bothered by such problems since transportation permits in Australia are rather hard to get.
  • We also provide information about preparing boats for the overseas trip to Australia. This often includes winterizing the boat, which involves removing the liquids and fuel.
  • To ensure compliance with quarantine Australian laws we offer pressure-cleaning and fumigation services.
  • At the time of loading the boat, we take care of covers, cabinets, electronic items, batteries, cabin windows, latches, and check sealing of water sources and air-conditioners. Our experienced personnel does this with the utmost care.
  • Some customers demand a customized cradle to be built. We can arrange for this but such requirements should be pre-notified.
  • Other areas where we assist include Customs clearances, export declarations, marine shipping insurance, shrink-wrap, and import permits for boat trailers.



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