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Cars remain a perpetual part of our USA – Australia shipping route. We understand the nuances of handling different arrival and departure ports. The process involves careful selection of vendors that qualify to transport cars, have careful packaging options, can load cars, consolidate containers, and handle port obligations at Australian destinations.

Benefit from Our International Car Shipping experience

For the individuals and companies that want to ship to Australia from USA, we have created a dedicated network of US departure locations. We take care of transporting client vehicles to the assigned port, including some major US locations like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. Each area represents a different set of shipping regulations. We understand these bylaws, ensuring there are no regulatory issues. Among Australian ports of arrivals, options include Fremantle, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and others.

To ensure the shipment is cleared quickly, we help our customers understand various standards related to safe driving and emissions levels as prescribed by the Australian Motor Vehicles Standard Act of 1989. Here are some other USA-Australia shipping guidelines we assist our customers with:

  • Business and personal identification
  • Proof of ownership
  • Valid insurance
  • Safety standards proof
  • Customs control clearances
  • CFC-related and air conditioning gas approvals
  • Taxes & Duties
  • Local Government approvals
  • Additional charges based upon age of vehicle
  • Off-road & commercial vehicle clearances

We also keep a close eye on any recent updates made by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Car shipping from US to Australia clearance involves import approvals that are issued by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

When shipping a car from US to Australia, people need to be very careful with some unique regulations. This includes vehicle import regulations as well.

Permanent Vehicle Importation

Many people permanently import cars using standard USA to Australia shipping services. Please note that the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport uses different schemes for determining the importation eligibility of each car. Qualifying for these eligibilities can be very difficult. We ensure that our customers get the qualifications in time for hassle-free import approval.

International Car Shipping Regulations Seem Impossible? Leave it to the Specialists!

We ensure that car importers in Australia and exporters in the USA don’t face any compliance issues. Car shipping to Australia continues to engage the maximum volumes among cargo and freight carriers delivering to Australian ports. This includes sports cars, classics, collectible cars, off-road vehicles, new & used cars, and car refurbishing equipment. The Australian government uses some schemes to ensure that USA – Australia shipping is standardized. We provide assistance across all the major schemes for car shipping to Australia.

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