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Ocean Containers

Lots of different types of cargo can be moved via ocean containers from USA to Australia and most of the times this is the cheapest possible route. Our company can handle the following cargo via international container shipping services:

  • Commercial cargo and products
  • Vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles, pick-up trucks
  • Small boats on trailers or cradles
  • Trailers
  • Construction machinery that can be disassembled
  • Household goods and Personal effects

There are a number of things to consider when seeking international container shipping services. A qualified container shipping company like US – Australia Shipping can help guide you through every step of this process..

US-Australia Container Shipping Process

As with many services like airline bookings or hotel reservations, planning in advance before international container shipping is advisable. At a minimum, you should allow for at least two weeks’ notice before international container shipping. The amount of time is also contingent on origin location and final destination. Depending on the amount of items that you are shipping, you may need a 20 foot or 40 foot container. A 20 ft. container holds up to 1050 cubic feet. A larger container like a 40 foot container holds up to 2,200 cubic feet. Our shipping company can help you estimate the size of the cargo container that you need for international container shipping from USA to Australia.

Documentation Requirements

The documentation required for international container shipping is in part contingent on the origin and final destination of your shipment and the type of cargo. A qualified cargo shipping company like US-Australia Shipping can guide you through this process in terms of the required documentation for your particular container shipment. There are some documents that are commonly required and this includes passport information, a commercial invoice and a packing list and the shipper’s instructions. Required paperwork also varies depending upon what you are shipping overseas. For example, if you need international car shipping, common documentation includes driver’s license information, registration certificates, vehicle title, purchase invoices, import permit, and more.

Qualifications of International Cargo Shipping Company

It is advisable that you seek out a professional cargo shipping company with experience in container shipping all over the world. We are bonded, insured and licensed with the United States Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). We provide all necessary import-export services including container packing, cargo crating, Customs clearance, transportation documentation and shipping your cargo door to door from your point of origin in USA to your final destination in Australia. There are also marine insurance policies you can purchase before international container shipping. Our experienced cargo shipping agency will help you with all of your insurance coverage needs.


  • Bikes
  • Trucks
  • Equipments
  • RSVs
  • Shipping containers
  • Cars
  • Boats

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