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Shipping motorcycles from USA to Australia is catching up with bikes from the United States getting a cult following down under. An equal contributor has been the demand for sports bikes manufactured or assembled in the United States. We help our customers to fast-track the entire process with dedicated pick up services, budget USA – Australia shipping packages, and storage options at warehouses near major ports. Our current range of motorcycle shipping services includes:

  • Cruising motorcycles
  • Sports & Racing motorcycles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Custom-made choppers
  • Quads and ATVs
  • Other types of motorcycles

Motorcycle USA – Australia Shipping Heritage

Despite the increasing influx of imported motorcycles in Australia, the USA – Australia shipping process remains challenging. This is mainly due to the wide array of regulations followed by the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport. The imported motorcycle should comply with some environmental and mechanical conditions.

Complete Security

Motorbike shipping is different than shipping cars or trucks. Motorcycles have to be firmly crated for transport. This is done so that they can be easily moved during the loading and unloading processes. It also helps them stay secure during the journey. We can provide our crates for your bike and you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will ship your crated bike from the seller’s location in the U.S. and deliver it to the specified location in Australia.

Quick Checks

The motorbike must be able to move, as we would have to move it up and down the ramps. This is why we recommend making a few quick checks before sending your motorcycle for US-Australia shipping. Make sure that it does not have any leaks. We also recommend our clients to take photographs of the bike before sending them to us. This way, you can compare them to the bike and make sure that it is safely delivered in Australia.


Your motorcycle has to pass through Customs check before you pick it up. Thus, it’s a good idea to provide all the necessary documents – especially if you are planning to ship accessories with it, like spare tires. Also, keep copies of documents with yourself.

We offer insurance on motorcycle shipping. We have different covers for different types of shipments. To learn more about our charges and insurance policies, you can send us an email or call us. You can also get a quote for your overseas USA – Australia shipping requirements by filling the shipping price request form.


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