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RVs and buses are among the largest passenger vehicles shipped to Australia. We have established an easy handling process across selected ports in the U.S. We have been shipping motorhomes and travel trailers from American shores to various parts in Australia for many years Recent trends signal Australia as a major hub of RV imports from USA.

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We usually demand some basic information before confirming an order for RV shipping to Australia. This includes drivable and overall condition of the RV at the time of delivery to the scheduled port. We insist on that for a precise quote, since passenger vehicles engage a unique set of regulatory compliances in Australia. It is critical that we get the exact dimensions of the RV or bus. This includes weight, height, width, and length along with some other specifications and the manufacturing brand.

Be Assured, Your RV is Safe with Us

Large vehicles like motorhomes or caravans often include many movable parts. Usually, we ask the customer to secure all such parts so that nothing is damaged during the transit. However, if a customer needs assistance, we are ready to help. All vehicles are fastened with braces and straps of high quality. Customers can feel safe about their vehicles being delivered untouched/unscratched. We ensure that there is no room for the RV to slide or slip during transit.

Personal Import Scheme

People who are not yet Australian citizens or expatriates can bring their personal vehicles to Australia. This requires a disclosure and registration process. We assist non-Australian individuals/migrants in importing their RVs from foreign shores.

Letter of Compliance Scheme

The compliance of a vehicle with Australian Design Rules or ADR is necessary. Few authorized personnel are allowed to issue this compliance. We ensure that whether it is authorized Australian personnel of the RV’s manufacturer or different organizations involved in providing the Plate Approval, the letter of compliance is received in time. This establishes a reasonable intention to import an RV. We help our customers use the letter of compliance in the most suitable circumstances.

Temporary Vehicle Importation

This is relevant to individuals going to Australia for a long vacation or a business project. American vehicles can be temporarily imported to Australia. For this, a Carnet de Passage en Douane is required. We help customers to navigate this process, including working with the Australian Customs Service to ensure that the vehicle is cleared for arrival in Australia.

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