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My company is a classic car automobile dealer in Australia and we have regular shipments of classic cars from the US. Classic cars are usually quite expensive and it's important to take care of them pretty well throughout their transportation. We gave our first order to US-Australia Shipping for testing waters and I'm happy to state that my company is extremely happy with their service even after several months. The best thing I liked about this company is that these people are extremely professional and they specialize in automobile shipping, so they know how to take care of your car and how to handle the document procedures. They also know how to wrap classic cars with protective sheets and they took care of transport insurance for us at a very affordable cost.

Wilson Linford
Melbourne, Australia

I had recently purchased a camping trailer, and wanted to ship it to Australia. I was surprised that this shipment became the best for me because everything went with minimal fuss and no hidden agenda. The cheap prices brought in doubts that they were having some hidden charges. But after the delivery of the goods and the final payment I realized that they are really cheap and have exceptional services. What else would a traveler who wants to ship his goods to other places wish? Thanks a lot for the seamless process in shipping my vehicle across the water for me. I also appreciate the fact that you kept a constant communication system that helped me not to panic at all. The probability and the professional services is what made you my favorite shipping company ever.

Gary Sparks
Brisbane, Australia

This was one of the most challenging shipments of my boat, as it has been quite close to me for its historic significance. Being such a precious piece of work, I could not rely on any normal agency to ship it for me. Having heard about US-Australia shipping services I thought let's give it a try! But to my surprise I discovered that this is one of the most professional agencies that I have ever come across. I have shipped a lot of things including my whole household items, and I was stunned to see that they can offer customized containers, flat racks and even roll-on roll-off carriers so that they can handle any size of the boat. I got my boat delivered without any scratches at all. I am more than happy to use this service again!

Michael Zalewski
San Diego, USA

I had purchased a secondhand Caterpillar D9 at an auction and wanted some agency to ship it back to Australia. I was so confused which shipping agency to contact because this machine was so huge and I did not know whether it can be delivered with everything intact. This is when I heard my friend saying about US-Australia shipping services. I was so surprised because these people were very helpful and guided me throughout the whole shipment. I was a little scared at first because I thought they had a lot of hidden charges and I have to spend a huge amount on such a huge machine. But guess what? I did not have to pay an extra penny for anything! Everything was crisp and clear in black and white, and I was amazed because everything was done so smoothly.

Erik Sharpe
Perth, Australia

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