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We specialize in USA-Australia shipping route, particularly shipment of vehicles, boats and equipment. This includes contemporary to collectible/classic cars, recreational vehicles, boats, motorhomes, travel trailers (caravans), commercial & pick-up trucks, and related automotive parts. We are also experienced in shipping motorcycles to Australia from USA. This includes sports motorcycles, cruisers, and dirt bikes. We also undertake construction equipment shipping to Australia. This includes shipping of cranes, bulldozers, wheel loaders, scrapers, pavers, articulated trucks, etc.

Thinking about shipping from US to Australia?

USA-Australia shipping is counted among the most competitive of all international shipping routes. Both nations are quality centric market places and expect the best service from international shippers. Our vast experience has transformed us into USA-Australia shipping specialists. Increasingly, we are getting new and repeat business for different types of vehicles to be shipped to Australia.

This includes some hard-to-ship vehicles like sailboats, heavy trucks, travel trailers, etc. Having shipped across all the major and upcoming ports in North America to the busiest harbors in Australia, overseas shipping to Australia has emerged as the mainstay of our business.

Vehicles are collected in large volumes in the USA, from single ownership to fleets imported by larger organizations/manufacturers. Vehicular machinery is often imported for research and development. We are fast emerging as the safest and more trustworthy choice for international vehicle shipping to Australia.

Addressing the US-Australia Shipping Challenges

  • Importing vehicles into Australia must follow a detailed and stringent process.
  • It includes papers like import approvals for road vehicles. Importing norms are slightly different for individuals and registered automotive workshops that import a pool of used vehicles.
  • Some vehicles might not get the sanction for imports – checking and gaining vehicle eligibility is critical.
  • Release of vehicle from Australian Customs and border protection service involves a standard process.
  • Some authorities might press for additional costs like storage charges. It takes a veteran international shipping company like us to handle such scenarios.
  • Some vehicles might include the addition of compliance plates to prove that they meet Australian vehicular design obligations.
  • It is vital to check with the regional registration authority in different Australian territories before confirming the shipping order.
  • Our customers don’t face the hassle of dealing with US customs services. We have established protocols and local customs “know how” to fast-track this typically delayed process.
  • The import approval procedure for businesses or individuals requires industry knowledge and some degree of networking with local regulatory organizations and supporting business organizations – with our connections in Australia, we have the required systems in place.

For more information about our international shipping services, email or call us. Alternatively, you can fill our shipping price request form.


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